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Do you want a prepaid SIM card without a contract?

A prepaid tariff for smartphones has many advantages: full cost control and no minimum turnover. If you have higher demands, you can rely on contracts with a term - these are often available with extra options and top smartphones. Good to know: You can save with both models - because the average mobile phone user does not have to spend more than 5 euros a month for their tariff.

1. Full cost control

A prepaid tariff for smartphones has a major advantage in its cost model: There are no nasty surprises in the form of high mobile phone bills, since only charged credit can be used.

2. Clever for infrequent users

Prepaid tariffs are therefore particularly suitable for economical mobile phone customers or infrequent users who can keep an eye on their costs with a prepaid tariff. The model is also suitable for parents who want to equip their children with a smartphone or for seniors who use their smartphone irregularly and with reduced functions.

3. Good self-organization required

It makes sense for prepaid users to keep an eye on their own usage behavior. Since you pay in advance with top-ups, many providers do not issue a monthly bill. Then users usually have no right to itemized bills.

Also, prepaid plans can sometimes require some advance planning. Users should always have enough credit available and don't forget to top up money or set up automatic top-up - otherwise a connection can simply be lost.

4. Prepaid comparison is worthwhile

There are many cheap prepaid tariffs with attractive performance on the market. A comparison is advisable. Consumers should pay attention to the billing model: With prepaid tariffs, for example, flat rates are often not billed monthly, but in a 28-day cycle. Over the year, this corresponds to 13 months, not 12.

In order to find the right tariff, it is particularly important to know your own needs. Anyone who analyzes their usage over the past few months can use this as a basis to make a decision in favor of a minute package, a flat rate or another suitable mobile phone tariff.

5. Use extra options flexibly

The prepaid model is particularly useful for tariffs that have many add-on options such as minutes and data packages or flat rates. Every month, users can flexibly decide which services they currently need - and which they don't.

6. Inactivity timeout

If you only have a mobile phone to make calls or to be reachable in an emergency, you should find out more about the tariff conditions. Because many providers set so-called activity periods. The customer must load a certain amount onto the card within a certain period of time in order to receive the prepaid activity. If he does not top up the credit, functions will be restricted or, in the worst case, the SIM card will be switched off. Unused credit must not expire, however, but must usually be paid out after termination.